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Milestones (Bluray/DVD Combo Pack)

Milestones (Bluray/DVD Combo Pack)

$ 20.00 $ 25.00

THIS IS THE BLURAY VERSION OF MILESTONES. This version requires a bluray compatible DVD player such as a Playstation 3 or other comparable device.

This combo pack also includes an additional standard DVD version of Milestones in the same package. This standard version is playable in all standard DVD players.


Vol. 5

There are many milestones on the journey of a custom automotive enthusiast. From under construction builds to full-show trophy winners there are many important points along the way. Join us as we bring you another stylized, high definition look into the custom automotive world. In this volume we feature some of the cleanest rides you’ll ever lay eyes on and attend some of the biggest and best events the scene has to offer. Take a trip with us and see what you’ve been missing.

Years of coverage through our eyes with a style only Surface DVD can deliver.


Surface "Milestones" Trailer from Surface on Vimeo.


Uncaged Rat - Mike Partyka's '31 Ford from Surface on Vimeo.


Cruise To The Pines from Surface on Vimeo.



FFF Show 2012 from Surface on Vimeo.




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